An attack on the galle face struggle ground by the security forces

An attack on the galle face struggle ground by the security forces

Lahira Weerasekera, representing the struggle, says that the people engaged in the Galleface struggle (21) were attacked at night. He mentions that the personnel who were staying at the Galumuwadura struggle ground were attacked by the use of special forces and security forces. He says that many people who were engaged in the struggle were injured in the attack, many of their belongings were damaged in the Galefface struggle ground and in the premises of the President's Secretariat, and several people, including lawyer Nuwan Bopage, were arrested. The people who are engaged in the struggle are alleging that the attack was carried out today (22) when they were notified that they would officially withdraw from the struggle ground at 2:00 in the afternoon.
Police arrested 9 people during the golf face operation

Senior Superintendent of Police Nihal Talduwa says that 9 persons were arrested during the operation conducted in the area of ​​Goleface struggle. The Police Media Spokesperson stated that two persons among the arrested persons were injured and were taken to the hospital for treatment. Other suspects are in police custody and they will appear in court today. Police Media Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police Nihal Talduwa further stated that last night, the police, special forces and security forces had to evacuate the protestors from the main entrance of the Presidential Secretariat and its Galle Gate.

Army also attacks BBC journalist in Galleface - BBC Sinhala

(22) BBC Sinhala news service reports that a bbc journalist was also attacked during the early morning attack by the security forces on the Galamuwadura struggle. The news service has reported that a bbc video journalist was assaulted by members of the security forces and the video footage was deleted by taking away his mobile phone.

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