International comments on the measures taken against the Galle face struggle

An announcement from the American Ambassador about the measures taken against the Galleface struggle

American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung says that there is great concern about the measures taken against the Galleface protestors in the middle of the night. Accordingly, she posted a note on her Twitter account asking the authorities to exercise restraint and provide immediate medical treatment to the injured.

The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission condemns the attack on the Golfface protestors

The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission says that it condemns the brutal and disgraceful attack by the security forces on the peaceful public protestors in Gallumudoora this morning (22).

They point out that the action taken by the executive is a complete violation of the fundamental rights of the public.

The Human Rights Commission informs the government to identify the criminals and take appropriate action, and to ensure that no such action by the army or any action taken by the government in violation of the fundamental rights of the people will ever be taken again.

In order to ensure that the rule of law is maintained, the Human Rights Commission will initiate an investigation in this regard, it is further stated in the statement issued by them.

An announcement from the United Nations about the Golfface attack

Hanaa Singer-Hamdy, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka, has issued a statement regarding the attack on the Gallumudoora public protest.

Accordingly, she states that journalists and human rights defenders have the right to investigate the protests and their activities should not be hindered. In a Twitter message, she has mentioned that the organization is paying close attention to the use of force to disperse the Galle mouth protestors.

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